Tam’s Tanzanites offers stylish genuine gemstone jewellery at affordable prices to suit all budgets.



Firstly, may I introduce my company,I am Tracey Ann Mawby the founder of Tam’s Tanzanites.  We have been trading in premium quality gemstone jewellery for many years and have established a large customer base who return to me on a regular basis either to purchase from stock or alternatively, I do source jewellery specific to my customers requirements.


Please feel confident in purchasing from me in the knowledge that I have sourced vast amounts of tanzanites and I will only select the finest quality of gemstone for tone, good colour saturation and clarity.  I also supply a wide selection of other premium quality gemstone jewellery all of which are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by a reputable UK jewellery manufacturer.


Tanzanite was first discovered in Tanzania in 1967 and is a variety of zoisite.  Tiffany & Co were the first to promote tanzanite as a fine gemstone and it is now known as the gemstone of new beginnings and has officially been named as the birthstone for December!


I find tanzanite to be a truly mesmerizing gemstone due to its pleochroism which when viewed at different angles, different colours are evident, blues, violet, pinks and greens.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and if I can offer any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact me at info@tamstanzanite.com